Welcome to our world of granite

B.E. Marble & Granite is one of the major suppliers of marble and granite kitchen worktops and counters in the UK.
With over 100 different types of granite in stock from all corners of the globe, we hope that these pages will help you elf bar 600v2 cz reach an informed decision to purchase granite kitchen worktops and counters for your home, or facility.

Why order your granite kitchen worktops from B.E. Marble and Granite?
We have years of experience in the granite industry, in particular, the supply, the fabrication and the installation of granite kitchen worktops.
We use state of the art technology to fabricate your granite kitchen worktops.
We have a stockyard of wonderful stone for your granite kitchen worktops.
We are the experts who will take care and be proud to supply and install your granite kitchen worktops.
We listen to you and use our experience helping you choose your granite kitchen worktops.
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View our granite samples – just a fraction of our granite stock – choose the perfect granite for your kitchen worktops.
Visit our factory, we will happily show you granite kitchen worktops being fabricated and our extensive stock yard of wonderful granite.

We can send you a granite sample, then you can feel it, compare it, and imagine it as granite worktops in your kitchen.

About Granite
Granite adds a beauty and elegance to contemporary and traditional decorating schemes with an array of colours, configurations and subtleties.
There is a granite stone to suit every person, taste, property and decor.
The natural beauty of granite kitchen worktops complement all types of kitchen cabinet.
Granite is the most durable material for kitchen worktop use.
Granite kitchen worktops will last you a life time, and make your kitchen look a “million dollars” and be a joy to work with.
Caring for your granite kitchen worktops.
As you have chosen granite, the most durable product for your kitchen worktops, maintenance is as simple as:
Mop up spillages
Clean down with warm soapy water
Dry with a soft cloth
Periodically polish using the complimentary care pack given to all of our customers on installation of their granite kitchen worktops. Repeat care packs are available upon request at a nominal price.