Frequently asked questions
Q Can you give me a quotation over the phone?
A We can give you an indication – but we will need a plan of the kitchen for a precise price. You can also use our online estimator to obtain an indication.

Q Can I see the slab before cutting?
A You are more than welcome to visit our workshop and view the materials

Q Will I be able to see the joints?
A Yes – but we will always minimise the amount of jointing, and the coloured resins we use ensure that they will be coloured to match the material.

Q Can you work to a measurement ?
A Yes if you are confident, but we prefer to work to a template

Q Do I need to be there for the templating/ fitting?
A Yes, or certainly your kitchen fitter, as there are often details that we need to ask

Q Will you plumb in the sink/taps/hob ?
A I’m afraid not, please contact your plumber/electrician.

Q Will you fix the bowls in place?
A Yes, we will ensure that your bowls are safely fixed ready for your plumber.

Q What needs to be there for templating?
A All the base units needs to be in place and all the fixtures and fittings need to be available.

Q Can I add to my tops at a later date?
A Yes, but we will not be able to guarantee a colour match.

Q Can I see a finished product?
A Yes, please feel free to visit our show room and workshops – Monday to Saturday.

Q Can you send me samples?
A Of course, we feel that it is important that you try the real thing with your units and lighting

Q Can either I or my kitchen fitter fit the tops?
A Yes – We can supply you with instructions and the necessary resins.